Digital Literacy

Technology is an up-and-coming thing in the educational world. Almost all of my classes that pertain to education have taught me that technology should be, and is, used in the classroom quite a bit! Children seem to learn well by using technology, since they have been immersed in it from such a young age.

What is digital literacy? Digital literacy can be defined as the ability to use information and communication technologies to: find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills. It is basically being able to use technology to solve problems, answer questions, and to help you find information quicker and easier. Technology makes it so you can find any information you would ever need at the touch of a button. To be able to be digitally literate, you have to be digitally fluent. Digital fluency is the ability to effectively understand how to interpret technology. It is being able to use technology as well as being able to teach someone how to use technology.

I believe that teachers should be both digitally literate and digitally fluent. Since technology is now very important in every one’s lives, they should be able to use if effectively in their classrooms.

Personally, I think that I am decently technologically sound, but there is always more to learn. All throughout middle and high school each student was provided with their own laptop, so I grew up learning how to use them pretty well. I also took a class called Educational Technology and I learned a lot from it! We learned how to use SmartBoard technology, many different websites, how to do flipped lessons, etc. We even built our own website in Educational Technology. I am very excited to see what I learn this semester, I have no idea what to expect! I am open to learning anything that I can to improve myself as a future teacher! I’ve already learned quite a bit from having to figure out how to use this blog, I haven’t ever blogged before. I have used twitter quite a bit, so I am familiar with that, which has been helpful so far in this class! I think that to become effective digital learners and leaders we should try every thing we can to keep up with technology. I know there are many different workshops and classes you can take to learn about the new things out there. I am very excited to see what I end up learning this semester!

Here’s a link to a cool Digital Literacy website I found!

Check out the website I made for Educational Technology!



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  1. 2shaye says:

    It really has completely been embedded in the educational world, these days. If nothing else, I hope my students this semester realize not only how much the digital world overlaps with classroom learning, but also how important their digital footprint is to future success. Every tweet is permanently recorded (even if it is deleted). Even websites or blogs that are taken down are often stored indefinitely in digital cache. When we go in for job interviews, it’s possible that the human resources department has acquired a copy of all our “private” Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts, etc. It’s truly mind-boggling. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hannah says:

      My parents have been telling me that ever since I was allowed on the internet! They have stressed that I should not put anything online that I would be embarrassed of my grandmother seeing, is how they worded it. Haha! I am excited to learn even more about the digital world through this class!


  2. Alyssa says:

    Great definition for digital literacy! Very comprehensive. I think digital literacy is one of the most valuable skills we have available today, and it has the potential to make us all ‘jacks of all trades’. In other words, being digitally literate opens our horizons, and there’s very little we cannot do as a result. Interesting to see how that will affect the future.


    1. Hannah says:

      Thanks, Alyssa! I agree with you completely, it definitely opens our horizons!


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