Hacking my Cooking

All week I have been thinking non-stop about what I want to do for my Independent-Learning Project. I am a terrible decision maker, and this was a big job for me! I can’t decide what I want for dinner, let alone what I want to dedicate myself to for a whole semester?! What do I enjoy doing? What am I good at? What can I dedicate two hours a week to? How can this project hack my education and make me a better future teacher?

Those were a lot of the questions I was asking my self as I was pondering what to do. So first of all, I thought about what I enjoy doing. Well, that’s also hard.. I enjoy a lot of things! Being outdoors, hanging out with friends, socializing, etc. So, really, that question didn’t help me narrow anything down.

What am I good at? I’m decent at most things, I can’t think of anything that I am outstanding at though. What can I do for two hours a week? I’m a busy girl! I have two jobs and I’m a full time student. My daily schedule consists of work, class, homework, food, and sleep. Aha! Food! I eat every day, why not make my learning project something I do, and enjoy, every day anyway!

My boyfriend and cook good meals at least a couple times a week, why not spend time bettering my skills! Cooking is a good skill for many different reasons! It can lead to a healthier lifestyle, it is usually cheap, and it tastes great! I also think it will also help me as a teacher.

Cooking will help me as a teacher because it will help with patience. To cook some meals, it takes a lot of time and preparation. You can’t be too antsy to complete the meal, or it may not turn out how you want it to. Not only can you not hurry your food, you also have to have patience with who you’re working with (if you’re cooking with someone). I know this can be difficult sometimes, my boyfriend and I have a hard time with this. Sometimes they get in your way, and do things differently than you would. You have to learn to deal with that, so that might be a challenge for me! Cooking will also help with multitasking. To cook a full meal, you have to cook a couple things at once sometimes.. which can get confusing and maybe even be difficult. Multitasking as a teacher is also crucial, so I’m hoping this project will help me!


Let’s hope my future meals turn out better than this concoction I attempted to make! haha!

Wish me luck, hopefully I don’t burn everything! I’ll keep you updated with my meals 🙂


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  1. brycenicole says:

    Hey Hannah!
    I really hope that you can become a better cook! I used to be terrible but after enough practice I like to pretend that I’m a pretty decent cook! I love it a lot and hope that you will be able to also. If you ever need help please let me know and I would be more than happy to give you tips or help you cook.


    1. Hannah says:

      Thanks! I hope that I can get better, too! I will definitely take you up on that offer for tips! I’ll letcha know what I’m cooking this week and get your input 😉


  2. 2shaye says:

    Great topic! As you mentioned, there are many lessons that can come from this topic. I hope you really have fun with it!


    1. Hannah says:

      There is a lot to learn from cooking!


  3. I find that I am better at baking than cooking because I am easily distracted. Baking is so simple because you throw everything together, put it in the oven set a timer and voila, food! Not that I don’t like to cook but sometimes I burn food too :). Cooking is a great life skill so don’t give up.


    1. Hannah says:

      Baking is a lot of fun too!


  4. Alyssa says:

    Exciting project! Are you focusing on anything in particular? Meats, veggies, breads, cakes? I can’t wait to see what you make!


    1. Hannah says:

      anything and everything!


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