How to Hack in Real Life

Isn’t it so true that the change of a lens can completely transform what you’re looking at? Hunter is absolutely correct when he says that “learning happens when we make things”. You learn when you DO. Why not hack everything in your life? I mean, every thing does have room for improvement.

I immensely enjoyed both this article and the TED talk video. Bud Hunt made many good points. I really liked when he was talking about ‘playing’. I think that we usually just think of playing as something kids do, but it should be something every one does. Playing can induce so much learning. Playing doesn’t have to be with toys. You can play by enjoying learning something new, doing something you enjoy, or even being with someone you enjoy. Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 8.19.53 PM.png

CC: Colleen Kelly

I also enjoyed learning the real definition of ‘hacking; I always thought of it as a negative thing, but I now know the real definition. Education can definitely be hacked in so many ways, and I hope it eventually is! I would love to know all of the different ways that education is getting hacked as we speak.

I also really loved the TED talk video! Logan is such an inspiration; what a smart kid! Listening to him speak made me realize that there are so many different definitions of education. I would love to spend a day learning the way he does, he sounds like he is going to do good things in his life. I wish that I would have gotten a chance to have an internship as a young teenager.

Both the article and the video I think will make me a better future teacher. My students will use play to learn. Whether that be through actual play, or through what I am teaching. I will hack my education with many different tools. I will use technology to my advantage as much as possible. I think the more I play and hack in my life now, the better I will teach in the future.

I am so excited to start my personal learning project so I can hack my education right now! No matter what I do it on, it will help me learn a lot. The more that I know and the more that I learn, the better teacher I will become. I am excited to put playing and hacking into my every day life.


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  1. 2shaye says:

    We really do tend to learn more when we have some interest and ownership in what we are learning. Following everyone’s learning projects should be a lot of fun, this semester! 🙂


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