Personal Learning Network

Before researching “PLN” I had never heard of such a thing. A Personal Learning Network is actually really interesting!


You can make it personal by staying connected and building relationships with anyone that you want to! Other teachers, school administrators, professors, etc. This way you will always have some one to talk to and learn more with.


The network is made to help you always be learning, on there you can post what you’ve been doing in your classroom, see other classrooms, and you could always be learning.


You can show so many different technologies on here! You can see how people are teaching across the world and learn so many different ways.

Building a Personal Learning Network was a little difficult for someone, like me, who isn’t super tech-savvy. Once you got started it wasn’t too hard though. Googling really helped. I googled “education people to follow on twitter” and hundreds of pages came up with good people to follow. Weeding through those people was the difficult part, though. Some of them had a lot to offer, and some not so much. Looking at my other classmates posts also kind of helped me out.

I think having a personal learning network is great! So many good people with awesome ideas are on the internet, and without internet I don’t know how people learned as much!

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>A PLN reminds me of a family, a very close knit group working together to become stronger <a href=””>#diglitclass</a></p>&mdash; Brittany Korell (@BrittanyAK09) <a href=”″>February 15, 2016</a></blockquote>

She has such an awesome idea about PLN’s. Who wouldn’t want a tight knit group of people helping one another out? I think every day people become more and more attached to their technology, so why not use it to better ourselves? A PLN could potentially help millions of people out.

Some challenges with a PLN could be having trouble finding people to add to your network, or also setting aside enough time to actually build a constructive learning community. I think once you have you PLN set, it would be very beneficial though.


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  1. 2shaye says:

    I hope your PLN network is going well! Remind me what your focus is? You’ll find that some people you may delete and you’ll be adding new ones (on Twitter, blogging, etc.), but overall they can really help in the long-run. Hmmm, I’m not sure why the tweet didn’t embed. Take a look at it and see if you can’t get it to re-add. Sometimes it’s just a missing > or something. Thanks for sharing! 😀


    1. Hannah says:

      I’m still trying this technology stuff! Getting it to embed didn’t work, oops!


  2. irenehughes says:

    I think personal Learning network is very interesting. I am looking forward to building mine.


    1. Hannah says:

      what are you doing yours on?


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