Hi guys! I’m back and catching up from a rough couple of weeks. I’m more than excited to get back in the groove.

So, I know all of you guys have already learned about ds106 and might be impressed. Even though I am a little late hearing about it… it’s so cool! From what I have gotten out of it, you tell a story through different digital projects.

This is a neat idea! I think many people are probably interested in joining this course. AND! They make it so easy for anyone to do just that. This college course was originally just offered through a few different schools, but it is now open to anyone and everyone who whats to try it out. I guess, now, they even run this course without a teacher! Not only is the course open to anyone, you can also join it at any point throughout the semester, and stop early if it ends up being too much.

I listened to a couple different reviews of this class from former students. They all seemed to really enjoy this course. They also gave great advice on how to do well in the course. A lot of their advice sounds like it could help out even in this course!  The main piece of advice they all said was to not wait until last minute to start the assignment. They said that an assignment that they thought could take 10 minutes could end up taking them 5 hours. Honestly that’s good advice for any course! Also a good idea for many projects is to plan it out, which would help save time. This course seemed neat, also, because many of them refer to going to twitter for help if they’re stuck. I think that for this course, if any of us were stuck twitter would be a good place to go for help, too.

One thing that I think I would be a little worried about is that I am not super creative, and many of their assignments (if not all) are very hands on creating movies, or pictures, and a lot more. I think I would have a bit of a hard time coming up with a lot of different creative ideas. I think that story telling would be really neat, though. This course sounds like a good time. 🙂



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