What’s online may surprise you!


I was actually kind of excited when I saw the requirements for this blog! I thought it would be pretty neat to see what shows up when I google myself… I didn’t expect to find a whole lot.

The first thing I tried when I googled myself is just typing in “Hannah Durham” to see what would happen. And there was nothing. Nothing about me, anyway. I seriously looked like 10 pages into google, and not even my FaceBook page or anything like that popped up. I looked through the images, nothing. Videos, nothing. I guess Hannah Durham must be a decently popular name, because there wasn’t much to find. I think what I did find, too, were all about different Hannah’s.

The next thing that I tried was typing in my middle name, too.. “Hannah Sue Durham”. I had the same exact luck as I did the first time. Then I tried searching my name with quotes, still no information. I was honestly kind of disappointed, I figured there had to be at least a couple things about me online. I mean, I have a FaceBook, 2 twitters now, a blog, my own website (that I made for another class), I thought SOME information about me should be showing up!!

After that point I was stuck. I was thinking and thinking on how to narrow down the search to find some info. Then I was thinking that even if “Hannah Durham” is a popular name, Wyoming isn’t a very populated state. There couldn’t be more than a couple in Wyoming. So, I typed in  “Hannah Durham Wyoming”, and voila! Everything on there was me, me, me! Yay!

The first couple hits on google were my FaceBook page, kind of boring there. But it was actually weird to see how much information is just on the main page of google. On just that main page was information on where I live, where I work, go to school, my phone number… creepy!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.15.33 PM

It’s crazy how much information that I honestly didn’t realize was out there, is open to anyone and everyone!

The other information I found about myself were past track times and information from high school. I had a lot of fun reminiscing on that. It was a realization to me, that even if you aren’t posting anything ‘bad’ online for people to see, your information could be out there for anyone to look at!


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  1. Brayla says:

    It’s so weird that if people type in the right words, they can find out anything they want to know about you these days! I haven’t looked up myself quite yet, but now this bog post really makes me want to! ^-^


    1. Hannah says:

      it’s crazy!! I’m curious to see what you find out about yourself!


  2. Mercedes says:

    I had a lot of sports stuff come up on me too. I think it can be a good thing that you can be a legend 😉 But you can also be the complete opposite if you post bad things. It is hard for people to not fall into posting their emotions.


    1. Hannah says:

      It’s interesting to see what you find!


  3. Hannah, I had the same problem when I googled myself! I have a common name and plus, I’m from an area with a decent amount of people, so I couldn’t find so much on myself. I also had to be really specific with my terms, such as searching my name with The Eagle, in order to find anything specific. That being said, it is so easy to leave a digital footprint even with a common name, which is why we need to be so mindful of it.


    1. Hannah says:

      It is weird how easily your digital footprint can be left!


  4. freemind48 says:

    Hannah, I agree the creepy factor of googling yourself is indeed mind blowing. I can’t believe your phone number came up! ahhh! What an eye opening experience.


    1. Hannah says:

      I know! I hope nobody searches too hard to find me!


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