Digital Mindfulness

I think that almost EVERYONE I know is so addicted to their phones and to the internet. It’s honestly kind of sad to see people sitting next to each other, hanging out, but not talking to each other at all. Their faces are always in their phones and it’s hard to have a meaningful conversation with people.

I, too, have a problem with it. If I forget my phone at home, I feel almost naked without it. I feel like I’m going to miss a notification or not know what’s going on. Sometimes I try to limit my time on my phone, but like some of the articles have said.. whenever I even begin feeling bored, I grab my phone and check FaceBook, Instagram, or SnapChat. I don’t think I necessarily use technology mindfully unless I’m doing my schoolwork. Most of the time all I do is check social media. I noticed that even while watching the TED Talk video, I checked my phone quite a few times and that was only in an 18 minute time span.

When I am with my friends and family I actually do try to stay off my phone and be present, but when they start to look at their phone, it’s hard not to too. I think we lose a lot of social interaction and quality time when we are so immersed in our phones.

I tried looking for the Moment app on my smartphone, but I couldn’t find the exact app. I think it’s only available for iPhones? There were quite a few apps that were the same idea as the Moment app, but I haven’t downloaded it yet. I’m thinking about doing so, though.

I enjoyed watching the TED Talk video this week, it was interesting to hear about his experience with being off the internet for a year. It is so weird thinking about doing that. It would be hard not to ever text, and have to call anyone you wanted to talk to. It would be difficult when your friends got onto their phones and you weren’t able to.

Here’s the TED Talk

I think that learning about this, this week really made me think about how present I am in real life. I wish that more people would put their phone down and be present more often. 


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  1. Mercedes says:

    It is way sad to see how much the Internet has taken over the world. I can’t even have a conversation with some of my friends and even my sister, because they can’t pay attention and communicate for a couple of minutes and get away from their devices.


    1. Hannah says:

      I know, it’s so annoying!


      1. Mercedes says:

        I agree.


  2. I do not understand why it is so hard to separate myself from my social media now. I used to be the only one in high school that did not have a phone and I managed. I guess it is because I pay for it now.


    1. Hannah says:

      That would make sense, once you have to pay for it you get a new perspective.


  3. 2shaye says:

    By the way, if you find a good app like Moment that works well for android phones, let me know. I would love to add it to the assignment for next semester’s class. 🙂


    1. Hannah says:

      That’s a great idea! 🙂


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