I have never really been too much of an auditory learner. For me, it’s difficult to just sit still and listen to something without any other stimulation. In a classroom is different, though. In class I loved it when the teacher read books to us aloud. I think that in a classroom setting, it can really bring students together. It makes your students look forward to a time of day that you could sit down together as a class and focus on one thing together.

I think that podcasts would be a beneficial thing to use in classrooms. A lot of people do learn very well through listening. I think if you find something that appeals to the students, they would look forward to listening to the different podcasts everyday. I think that kids would also like it because it gives them a chance to learn in a different way than just listening to the teacher. It could also be a good idea to let them choose which one to listen to. Maybe you could give students a choice of a couple different podcasts and then get into groups with kids that chose to listen to similar ones. They could learn about different things and do projects, and write about different aspects of the podcast. Or if you didn’t want students choosing their own groups, you could assign different podcasts to different student abilities. There is always going to be a range of different learners in a class, and grouping them together could be very beneficial.

As a teacher, you could also always assign a project where students make their own podcast, or tell a story digitally. I think this would make them have to be very creative and it would be a fun project. I think one of the only disadvantages that I can think of is that a student might not have all of the technologies at home to work on a podcast. If you assign them to listen to one at home and they don’t have a computer, they would have a hard time with it. Also, if you happened to have a deaf student, they wouldn’t be able to listen to a podcast. You would have to think of a different way for them to learn the same thing as the other students.

Since I’ve had technology to my disposal for so long, there weren’t too many surprises for me in the readings. I enjoyed learning that students were able to get so into the stories that the podcasts told. I think that I will try to use them in my future classroom!


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  1. Mercedes says:

    I am one of those students who didn’t like when the teacher sat and read aloud. I always got so bored and tired so for me, Podcasts would have been a great idea. I like your ideas you had, and it gave me some new ideas for myself as well.


    1. Hannah says:

      I bet a lot of kids, like you, didn’t enjoy getting read to! I’m glad that there are alternatives now! 🙂


      1. Mercedes says:

        Yeah me too. I am glad that I don’t have to put those kids through that. Thank goodness for advances!


  2. I do not think the students pay attention as much when the teacher sits up front and reads aloud. Pods are better in my opinion.


    1. Hannah says:

      Podcasts are something exciting to add to the classroom!


      1. I can see them spreading like wildfire!


  3. 2shaye says:

    I agree that the ability to choose is important. The more options, the better. Great thoughts!


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