Wrapping up my Independent Learning Project

This Independent Learning Project has taught me quite a bit. It has taught me things about cooking (obviously), patience, and even myself.

I have learned soo many new techniques and yummy dishes to make. I am happy that I chose to cook for my project. Even though I made a whole lot of chicken, I made a lot of other things too. One of my favorite dishes was the Italian soup I made. Oh my gosh, it was delicious! This project has made me more interested in cooking shows, learning new recipes, and now I even like to cook with my family when I visit home.

Patience is KEY in cooking! I cannot stress this more. You have to be patient in waiting for your food to cook all the way. Some things take forever to cook and it’s hard to wait because it smells so good you wanna eat it! You also have to be patient with the people you’re cooking with. Sometimes that is also pretty difficult.

Throughout this project, I have mainly learned about myself. I’ve learned that I can actually create something. I can create something delicious, that other people like, and that is very satisfying to me. Cooking with my boyfriend brings us closer together and it helps us MAKE time for each other. With our busy schedules it is so easy to go all day without having a real conversation and without spending quality time together. Cooking together really helps that. Also cooking helped me learn to stay calm in certain situations. It is easy to start freaking out when things aren’t going quite the way you want it to, or if food is burning. You just have to take a deep breath and remember that it’s just food.

Motivation for this project was not hard for me. I intentionally chose something that I had to do everyday. I have to eat! I think that this project really motivated me to eat out less, though. Which was awesome, it saved me money and it is much healthier. I think the only ‘challenging’ part of this project was remembering to take pictures and then blogging about it. Which honestly was not difficult at all. The absolute best part of this project for me were the end results, of course. Everything that was made turned out delicious. Also, learning new tricks were great.

I think that Independent Learning Projects have a good place in the classroom. I think that a teacher could think up good ideas for kids of all ages. I liked this project because of the freedom we had. We could choose anything, and I don’t think I’ve had that kind of freedom in a class before. I think that I will definitely remember this for when I’m a teacher!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. irenehughes says:

    I have enjoyed reading along as you have cooked!


    1. Hannah says:

      Thanks, it’s been fun!


  2. 2shaye says:

    I’m so glad it has been a good experience! It’s wonderful when we have the opportunity to work on something that we KNOW we’ll need on a daily basis.


    1. Hannah says:

      I agree! It helps.


  3. bakbjl2016 says:

    Since you seem so passionate about this I don’t see a problem with your trying to get your students excited about doing an ILP. Good job this semester!


    1. Hannah says:

      That’s a great point! Thank you 🙂


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