Innovative Learning


I think that everyone taking this course this semester has been innovative! It has been such a fun experience to see the different ideas that my classmates have come up with. I think that as future educators, everyone is very creative and innovative. Personally, I think that a lot of my work has been innovative. I have tried to think out-of-the-box with my work. I think that it is so fun to think of how to apply all of these projects and readings into my future classroom.

Innovative learning could look different in all classrooms with all ages. I think that innovative learning just looks like learning going on with different styles of teaching, using different techniques, and having the kids incorporate their ideas. One quote that really spoke to me from The Mindset of an Innovator was “I build upon what I already know, but I do not limit myself to myself. I am open to and willing to embrace new learning, while continually asking questions to move forward”. I love this quote because it is so very true, you should teach on the foundations on information you already know, but you should also be learning the whole time while asking questions to extend your knowledge.

“Unlearning” is such an interesting concept! I actually really enjoyed reading about it, and it ended up making a lot of sense to me. An easy way of thinking about it, to me, is to kinda forget how you originally learned to think about something, and think about it in your own sense.. without boundaries. This semester, I unlearned to do schoolwork for grades rather than for learning. In other words, I learned that doing the work should be to get something out of it. You shouldn’t just go through the motions of schoolwork to receive A’s, you should do it to get something out of it. I am going to school to learn how to teach, not to get A’s.

One of the best quotes from the article The Steep “Unlearning Curve” was “We need to unlearn the premise that we know more than our kids, because in many cases, they can now be our teachers as well”. I think this quote is so great. People don’t realize how much kids have to offer! You can learn so much by listening to a little ones. These were great articles to end this semester with.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mercedes says:

    It has been fun to collaborate and share ideas with each other, and I am going to miss it. Best of luck!


    1. Hannah says:

      It has been a blast! best of luck to you, too 🙂


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